Savaşmadan Ölmek Yok

Today, if we pay money for the water we drink and we also pay tax on the money we pay for that water, and if we are offered services such as roads, electricity, education with that tax, and then if we have to give money for these services we have obtained with our taxes and pay taxes again because we pay for these services; It is useful to understand our journey in the world where people hunt deer to feed themselves.

Almost everything that we now accept as normal is legalized nonsense put forward by a group of egoistic maniacs from the past, full of excesses that actually do no good to human beings.

29 February 2016

Başarmadan Ölmek Yok

It's called Retirement! The biggest trap in the world. Whoever came up with this, "they make you work like a dog in your best years with the promise of having a comfortable time in your worst years."

15 March 2022

Yaşamadan Ölmek Yok

First of all, let's understand that what is called normal is wearing the expensive clothes you bought to go to work, getting into traffic with the car you are still paying for, and working to pay for the clothes you wear, the car you drive, and the house that stays idle all day while you are at work.

15 March 2022

The Bible of Network Marketing

Beyond Time: Learn Now, Shape Tomorrow!

Zamanın Ötesinden: Şimdi Öğrenin, Yarını Şekillendirin!

I made it my mission to teach people the power of the Network Marketing industry in the seminars I have organized and in the books I have written by sharing my knowledge and experience that I gained from traveling over 60 countries.

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